Benefit and healing powers of water leaf


Waterleaf is one of the most underrated and undervalued plants in Nigeria. Some even regard it as a nuisance, and a stubborn weed that grows all year.

Do you know that Consumption of waterleaf enhances brain and protect brain tissues and It’s also a good remedy for insomnia i.e sleeping disorder.

Waterleaf contains more proteins than
cashew nuts, more pectin (a food fiber that
helps digestion) than apples, and also have
high level of vitamin B, essential amino acids,
omega3-fatty acids, resins, iron, calcium,
copper, lead, manganese and zinc. It is also a rich source of carotenoids, vitamin C, A,
thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, alpha and beta


  1. The pounded waterleaf is applied to soothe
  2. For prostate enlargement,
    Boil the root and take half a glass twice daily.
  3. Waterleaf is good and safe for pregnant women and growing children, as
    it boosts their blood levels.
  4. Eating waterleaf regularly as soup helps to regulate hypertension and diabetes.
  5. You want a glowing and youthful skin?
    I strongly recommend you take water leaf juice twice a week. A trial will convince you.
  6. In addition, waterleaf is one of the best medicine against MEASLES in children. Pound a handful and add warm water. You can also Strain and use as enema (inability to excrete) every morning for about a week.

However, juicing Waterleaf is the way to go if you want the best out of the leaf.

Juicing is a process whereby you extract
vitamins, minerals and liquids from fruits and

To juice water leaf, simply chop water leaf,
both stem and leaves, into pieces, in the same way as you do if you want to cook it. Then put two or three handfuls in the blender and add one cup of water. Blend in the same way as you blend your tomato or fruit. Sieve out the chaff and you will be left with a dark green liquid, packed with vitamins and minerals.
Ensure you drink and finish the whole @within 10 minutes.


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