Distraction Another name for Nigeria!

Distraction… Another name for Nigeria!

Herdsmen are killing, Boko Haram are bombing, Robbery and Kidnapping have become legitimate businesses indirectly in Nigeria yet our governments are paying little or no attention to the issue of security.

Instead of putting necessary machineries in place to curb these menace in this country; we have allowed devil to make another steps to distract our governments and Nigerians from doing the needful with all seriousness.

  • BBNaija… Legalized pornography
  • COZA……. Pastor Fatoyinbo and rape scandal
  • RUGA……. New Cattle settlements in Nigeria
  • SCOAN…. Papa TB Joshua’s sex allegation
  • And now.. Senator Abbo; an animal in human flesh…… What have we done wrong in Nigeria?

We have heard of SOKA in Ibadan, human parts seller in Osogbo, Children traffickers in Edo, students committing suicide in some campuses, drug pushers everywhere… Can we really continue like this?

Our young ladies have seen prostitution as their means of livelihood, Yahoo Boys have changed their games to Yahoo Plus by killing innocent people for money rituals and our leaders are getting power at all cost by ignoring the aftermath… But why?

You pay huge amount of money before job is given (even in government parastatals and ministries), ladies would be sexually abused in private sectors while seeking for employment, students are paying hugely before admissions could be secured and bills are paid before emergency cases are treated in our hospitals not minding the positions of the patients (applicable in private and government hospitals in Nigeria)… Any justification(s)?

God; please touch the minds of our leaders to proffer immediate and permanent solutions to the problems of this country before she becomes a point of reference for evil doers!


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