Five businesses you can start as a corp member

Corps members usually complain that N19,800 allowance paid to them by Federal Government is not enough to solve their problems except for feedings. The most unfortunate thing being that the Federal Government will stop paying this allowance to Corps members once they pass-out from the one-year mandatory National service programme. However, there are 5 serious businesses you can do as a Corps member which are lucrative and suitable for young graduates who are undergoing their National Youth Service programme.
There are those who have flexed their entrepreneurial muscles while in school, and there are those who are about to start but whichever category you find yourself, you’ll love the thrill of business after reading this post.
While we can actually debate the fact that it is possible to live and thrive on N19800 per month, but is, however, not the subject of this post. The subject of this post is to show you 5 serious business you can do as a Corps member.

1.Private lessons

This is a lucrative business that many Corps Members overlooked. There was a guy who was very good in mathematics and physics, and he was posted in the north to teach during his services year. While teaching, he started organizing a private mathematics tutorial. He picked it up as a challenge and bent down to study mathematics so as to know what to teach. He was able to grew large audience and made up to N200,000 from the tutorial before he rounded-up his service year. About 85% of corps members will be posted to schools to teach, and if the privilege is being given to you, nothing stops you from starting a private tutorial and making extra cash. Some people don’t know that private tutoring is a lucrative business in Nigeria. Even if it is your only source of income, you’ll still live fine and when you add it to your portfolio as a teacher, you’ll be making serious money. Note that it works better for subjects like, mathematics, English physics, chemistry and biology. This business can give you as much as N50,000 per month. Make friends with the students, be a good teacher by knowing what you teach. Meet the parents of those who are unable to pay your lesson fee and explain things to them, they will be glade to meet you and would pay for their children.

2. Internet Business

Many people are making millions from the internet today. The internet business is vast, so you are to choose the area you are good in. There are emerging jobs like, blogging, content development, affiliate marketing etc but avoid illegal ones.

3.Mini Importation

Mini importation is another profitable business you can do as a corps member. This business involves buying goods from outside Nigeria like China, Uk, US, etc in small quantities, and then resell them in your location for profit. However, this type of business mostly fit youths who have hustling spirit. This business can make you a millionaire if you are serious. To start this business, you need to do a thorough research to ensure that the product you are importing will solve a problem in your location.

4.Product Trade

This is another profitable business suitable for Corps members. If NYSC post you to very far place from your home, so instead of whining and complaining, you can turn that to your advantage. Find goods that are cheap in your home but costly where you are posted, buy it and then re-sell it for profits in your new environment. It involves some real planning and strategy but it works and people have done it before. You can buy palm oil in the east and sell in the north or you can buy yam in the both and sell it in the east. Also you can buy cheap things from Lagos or Onitsha and sell for profits in Abuja or Port Harcourt.

5. Housing Agent

As a Corps Member you’ll make a lot of money if you become a house agent. New corps members always have problem of housing themselves in the new environment they find themselves. So, helping them find accommodation is one of the lucrative businesses you can engage yourself. If you are already serving in a particular area, take out time to know the area and their housing prices, you can easily do this business with landlords. All you have to do is to talk business with the landlords, and make prior arrangements with them when the next batch of corps members are in orientation camp. When they are being discharged from orientation camp, you can paste your posters that their are accommodations or talk to as many as you can about your solution to their problem. For example; if you are able to convert 10 persons at N5,000 profit each, that’s N50,000.



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