relationship is a close friendship between two people, especially one involving romantic or sexual feelings. However,not all relationship are advisable to keep because of the dangers and risk involved.

This article aims at enlighten the reader on ten different type of relationship to avoid in life in other to have a healthy, meaningful and successful lifespan.

1.You Should avoid a relationship that adds no value to your

It has no future. If all you do is to sleep with each
other,play around instead of discussing things that wil benefit
your life then that relationship is a waste of time and destiny.

2.Avoid any relationship that has no direction, purpose or aim.

3.Avoid any relationship that doesn’t add any positive impact
on your life.

4.Run Away from any relationship that makes you cry or gives
you more tears and cry than laughter.

5.Run away from any relationship that gives you more sorrows
than Joy.

6.Do not stay in a relationship where you love someone but
the person makes you unhappy many times.

7.When you see signs that a relationship can’t work, there is
no need remaining into it.flee from it.don’t keep managing.

8.Avoid any relationship where you find yourself struggling to
live your partner.

9.Avoid any relationship where you are caged or restricted
from your rights.No relationship should restrict you from your

10.Avoid any relationship that will keep you Far away from

It has always been too much for; big boys and sweet girls
watch your steps for a greater height.


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